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Chasing Clarity podcast with

Odell Harris and Travis Johnson.


Episode 1.

Travis and I walk the elevated driveway to the legendary Peter Joli Wilson's residence. Perched atop a hill we overlook the distant waters of the Gold Coast. "Please, come in." Joli greets us and invites us in. "I've never done a podcast before!" He smiles as we sit at the family dinning table. "Don't worry mate" I replied..."I've done a few.”


Joli as he prefers to be called is in the upper echelon of Australian Surf Photography, a good friend of previous guest Ted Grambeau, he's credited as a pioneer in the industry. With over four decades of experience, this is an episode full of learnings and not to be missed. From tales of photographing my favourite surfer Kelly Slater, how the industry has changed, to being subscripted into the Vietnam war, there's not too many topics we didn't cover. We conversed for over two hours so I've made this episode into a two parter.


Episode 2

In Part 2 of my conversation with Joli, we deep dive into the surf industry, get a little technical about photography and Travis gets to ask a burning question to a Master Jedi.

Chasing Clarity Podcast interview

Peter Joli imagery plays a very important role in the making of this documentary worth watching now available on iTunes. To watch it in full, follow this link.

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