Hava'e Teahupo'o Tahiti

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Hava'e Teahupo'o Tahiti

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This five shot sequence poster print goes with my award winning image of Teahupo'o known as 'Reef Draining'.  It was shot from a small boat in the very narrow channel during one of the ASP world professional surfing contests and I was lucky to have the right lens on my camera at the right time. As this wave came into break it was almost as though Mother Nature had pulled the plug and the surrounding water seemed to be disappearing into the trough of the wave. I was able to squeeze off six frames as the wave formed and broke. Hava'e is the Tahitian name for the Teahupoo reef pass and this poster is made up of five of the six images. The single poster print called  'Reef Draining' is the sixth image in the sequence. ( Actual image size: 810 mm x 490 mm )

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(840 mm X 594 mm) 300 gsm Glossy Art Stock paper  RRP: $75.00


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